T.P.B.E. is the place to sell or purchase your Free or Low Cost Tole Painting Book(s)!

As a purchaser you can purchase a Tole Painting Book for free (excluding Shipping) or at a very low cost.

As a seller once you become a member you can sell your books by uploading you Tole Painting Book(s) cover and list it for free or for a very low price. Remember you will need to ship your book(s) via [USPS First Class Envelope] to the purchaser so you need to include the shipping cost of about $2.40ea into the price you list for each of the book(s) you are selling. You can upload up to 10 book covers and list each book(s) name and price at one time, or come back and upload additional book(s) as many times as you have book(s) to sell.

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